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I’d nearly forgotten about this eco friendly phone case as I’ve been using these for a couple of years now!  Just don’t make the mistake I did and answer your phone when you are in the middle of getting your hair coloured 😬
Pela Phone

The product – Pela’s eco friendly phone cases

A big offender for plastic crap we don’t need is the trendy phone case.  I’ve been guilty of it in the past, and when you get a new phone you need a new case.  So here is the eco friendly solution for you!

These are biodegradable and compostable. They are made from Flax shive and a plant based biopolymer.  But Pela do more than reduce plastic, they donate a % of every sale to Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives.

They are also very protective.  I drop things, a lot, and my screen has not cracked with these on.  In fact, they are so confident that if you use these alongside their zero waste liquid screen protector they will pay for any repairs if your screen does crack.

They are slightly bulky as they are made from a rubber-like material.  Yo can get a thinner version but that is not covered by the guarantee.  They come in a variety of colours wit engraved options too.

Key points:

  • Made from a plant based polymer and flax shive
  • Compostable – industrial
  • Will also biodegrade in a home compost bin
  • Plastic free and minimal packaging
  • Pela is carbon neutral and is working to reduce its CO2 consumption

You can check out all of Pela’s eco-credentials at the bottom of this post in our handy infographic.

How much is it and where do I get it?

Get them direct from Pela here.  The cost depends on the style but they are around $40.

They are doing two for one at the time of writing so that you can wash one and have a spare in Covid times.

That’s a wrap

These are incredibly durable so I think the investment is worth it.  Just make sure you don’t throw it in landfill when you’re done, if at all possible.

If you want to watch the video for this one then head to our Instagram.  As ever, I’d love to hear your thoughts on our swaps, let me know if you’ve made any and what you think!

Leanne xx

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