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Now clearly I am a fan of subscription products for all the essentials 😉  And luckily, I started my Who Gives a Crap sustainable toilet paper subscription last year, way before lockdown.  So when the whole world was panicking about lack of toilet rolls we had a cupboard stacked full.  Obviously my motivation was not preparation for a pandemic, but was to solve the plastic packaging problem…

Who Gives A Crap sustainable toilet roll

The product – Who Gives a Crap sustainable toilet paper

This one is for you if you regularly run out of loo roll! But it’s also for you if you want 100% recycled paper from a company with a conscience – they give 50% of their profits to charity – building toilets for those in need. They also provide a bit of comedy on the rather attractive wrapper around each roll while you’re doing your business (proper Aussie style).

Key points:

  • 100% recycled paper
  • Plastic free packaging, except for tape on outer box (they are trialing replacements but haven’t found a paper based version which works effectively)
  • No inks, dyes or scents 3-ply
  • 50% profits donated to charity
  • Subscription or 1 time purchase available
  • 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like it

According to them, it is as soft as unicorn kisses and as strong as 1000 ponies. For recycled paper I think it’s pretty decent. It’s not bright white but that’s partly what makes it a more sustainable product.

There is also now a premium roll which I may treat myself to, I will let you know if there is a big difference!

You can check out all of WGAC’s eco-credentials at the bottom of this post in our handy infographic.


How much is it and where do I get it?

It’s £36 for 48 rolls of the regular stuff.  The premium is £40.

You can order here.


That’s a wrap

If you never want to lug a massive bag of toilet rolls home again this service is for you.  It also means you don’t get caught short – they even have warning rolls in bright red paper wrap to let you know to either order more or check your subscription arrival date!

Drop me a message if you have any questions or recommendations of your own.  If you want to watch the video for this one then head to our Instagram.

Leanne xx

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The details

Infographic showing sustainability of Ecovibe sponges


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