Simple Sustainable Swaps – Lush shampoo bars

These shampoo bars are small but mighty.  And if we are ever able to get on a plane again, they are the prefect travelling companion.

The product – Lush shampoo bars

I remembered lush from my teen years as a highly fragrant world of bath bombs and wondered how they had survived to today.  But on a closer look, they are a highly ethical company with a focus on natural products.  I’m still new to the collection and have only tried the shampoo bars but I am sticking with it.

Let’s get the negatives out the way – you need to store them where they will dry out after you use them if you want them to last.  I have mine on a wire shelf in the shower and it works just fine.  They can also be a bit fiddly when you get down to the final sliver.  I really hate waste so I worked with it but even taking that into account, mine have lasted well.  My original order was at the end of January and I placed my next in mid-May.

The good is that my hair felt really clean and I got a decent enough lather just rubbing the bar against my scalp (you can rub it between your hands).  And I normally use quite expensive products on my hair (and can’t give up my Pureology conditioner just yet!). They have plenty of options depending on hair type too. I have a dodgy scalp and the bar for that was effective.

Key points:

  • Plastic free (don’t mistake the packaging pellets for polystyrene, they are made from potato starch and are compostable)
  • Great for travelling
  • Each bar is roughly equivalent to two 250ml shampoo bottles
  • Very transparent with ingredients with an emphasis on natural
  • No animal testing of finished product or by any suppliers
  • Handmade
  • Ethical buying practices
  • Solid state means they use a lot less water in production

You can buy a travel tin and the cork holder will help keep your bar dry after use.  I’ve heard good things about the Seanik bar, for those with less troublesome scalps (mine is the Soak and Float).

You can check out all of Lush’s eco-credentials at the bottom of this post in our handy infographic.


How much is it and where do I get it?

£8 for a single bar.  That lasted me over 2 months.

You can order here.


That’s a wrap

These are a great way to take another piece of plastic out of your bathroom without sacrificing your hair. If you’re on the fence take a look at the reviews which are on each product page.

Drop me a message in the comments if you have any questions or recommendations of your own.  If you want to watch the video for this one then head to our Instagram.

Leanne xx

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