The Tights Club has it’s own recycling scheme so we can further reduce the impact of our business on the environment. Send us your Tights Club tights and we’ll make sure that they are recycled into something else.

Recycling old tights isn’t perfect because they can’t yet be made into a new pair of tights. Technically they have to be ‘downcycled’ into something else, usually stuffing for things like car seats. But we are keeping an eye on the rapidly developing market for new technologies that might allow us to make new tights from old.

Here are the instructions for our Recycling Club:

  1. Pop them in the wash – tights that have not been cleaned after wear cannot be stored safely while we collect together the volume required to be recycled commercially. It’s also not very nice for the team to handle
  2. Pop them in an envelope
  3. Send them to:

The Tights Club Recycling Scheme
PA Packaging Solutions Limited
Benwick Road Industrial Estate
Benwick Road

Alternatively you can recycle your clean used tights at recycling points and clothing and textile banks in supermarket and other local car parks.