Our Mission

The Tights Club is on a mission to reduce the impact of the hosiery industry and to help our customers save time. But we want to do this in a way which is inclusive. That’s why all our products are available to fit UK sizes 8 to 34 and our sheers will cater to a wide range of skin tones.  We also welcome anyone as members or customers, no matter your gender identity or sex.

Our sustainable tights are not only great quality, but they save fabric from going straight to landfill, help tackle climate change and vastly reduce water usage. And you won’t find any plastic in sight.

We have made our subscriptions as flexible as possible so that it fits in with our Members’ busy lives – they can be amended, paused or cancelled anytime at the click of a button.

Why sustainable tights

The environmental impact of the hosiery industry

Unfortunately, tights are not the most environmentally friendly product

  • The fabric, nylon, is usually made using oil and although modern technology means that tights last longer than they used to, they are still ultimately disposable items. 
  • The manufacturing process is a water and energy intensive process. In fact, the nitrous oxide produced is 300 times more potent than CO2.
  • Nylon is also a type of plastic that takes 30 to 40 years to break down. Therefore, any old tights that have been thrown in the bin will sit in landfill for decades. Or they may be incinerated, further polluting our atmosphere.

And the size of the hosiery market is huge, most women in less than tropical climates see them as a necessity. So that’s why we want to reduce the impact of the industry NOW.

Our founder

I founded The Tights Club to help busy people take one item off their to do list. During a demanding career in the City, I used to put off the trek to the nation’s favourite department store to re-stock on tights for as long as possible. Fed up with my big toe poking through my tights, it occurred to me that a subscription service would be the perfect solution.

We now focus just on sustainable tights and also sell them on an individual basis because some of us are just afraid of that level of commitment!  The switch to recycled tights was an easy one for me as it aligned perfectly with my own efforts to reduce my impact on the environment.  And now with our new range I’m so excited to be serving our community properly, with a genuinely inclusive sustainable business.


Choose your subscription with The Tights Club

Choose your subscription

Receive the same tights all year round (you can always pause too!) or go for the Seasonal which automatically changes what you receive between the winter and summer months

Set your frequency - The Tights Club

Set your frequency

You can have your tights delivered every month, every 2 months or every 3 months

Stay flexible - The Tights Club

Stay flexible

Amend your subscription, pause or cancel anytime directly through your account