5 easy ways to reduce ocean microplastic

It’s World Oceans Day today and although we are working to reduce plastic overall by making tights from recycled Nylon, we are sad to say that we are still part of the microplastic problem because tights shed microfibres when washed. So to help, we wanted to share some quick and easy ways to help reduce ocean microplastic pollution from your clothing.

Ocean with microplastics

5 easy ways to reduce microplastic pollution

  1. Choose natural fabrics wherever possible. Keep the synthetics for items which need it most like exercise gear and tights
  2. Wash your clothes less often – not everything needs to be washed after every wear. Do a sniff test and protect clothing during messy tasks, or spot clean. I should probably wear a bib 🤣⁠
  3. Choose a lower temperature setting and gentler cycle ⁠when washing
  4. Fill your machine to help prevent shedding. This also helps reduce energy and water usage⁠
  5. Invest in a microfibre capture solution like Guppy Friend washing bags which catch microfibres and prevent them from entering our water

That’s few very quick and easy changes to make to help prevent more microplastic from entering our oceans. Let us know below if you have any comments or questions, and share this on to anyone who is interested in reducing their impact on our planet.

Leanne xx

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